dni i rlly hate tommyinnit stans lol, if u are one i will bully u relentlessly

dni also dni if we have nothing in commmon, like anyone in the dsmp idc if ranboo is ur uwu comfort streamer kys, if ur one of them "omg __ is cringe!!!11!! unless its dsmp stfu lolz

byf i use :3/>:3 unironically and i rant abt things i luv a lot

byf if i dont like u i will just block u, especially if u like genshin or dsmp die or just get on my nerves in general, also when i tell u to stop please stop. it prob makes me rlly uncomfy



this stuff is suuuuper cool!

wordgirl, epithet erased, bfdi, spiderman into the spiderverse, object shows, omori, the garden, mac demarco, south park, ENA, fnaf, deltarune, amphibia, the owl house, ranfren, the ghost and molly mcgee, lemon demon, tally hall/miracle musical

this stuff is weird lolz

homophobes, dsmp fans, ignorant ppl, annoying ppl, zhongchi shippers, fujoshis, mha, *those* danganronpa fans, zoophiles + ppl who support them etc